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    Mastermind for Creatives

    Master Your Finances, Improve Your Financial Literacy, Sustain Your Art

  • Unlock the financial understanding you need to support your creative journey. Our mastermind offers step-by-step guidance tailored to creative businesses unique needs and learning style.

    Unlock the financial knowledge you need to fuel your creative journey with our For the Love of Art Mastermind.


    This comprehensive program offers step-by-step guidance designed specifically for the unique needs and learning styles of creative businesses.


    Engage in monthly mastermind sessions featuring hot seats, where you’ll learn essential financial literacy alongside like-minded peers.


    Cap off your experience with an annual retreat in Jamaica, where you'll create a strategic business plan and budget for the next 12 months.


    It is designed to empower purpose driven Creative Companies with the knowledge and tools to sustain their creative endeavors.


    Even if you wish to delegate the financial tasks to a bookkeeper or accountant understanding the language of business empowers you to build a sustainable organisation.
  • Why Choose Our For the Love of Art

    Money Mastermind?



    Gradual, Easy-to-Digest Learning


    Understand essential finance to sustain your business.

    • Learn how to save taxes
    • Control expenses and
    • Improve margins so that you can grow profits or reserves.
    • Check out profitable pricing
    • How to build a scalable business for sustainability



    Learn with other business owners doing similar things and having similar challenges in their creative organisations.

    • Monthy group mastermind sessions
    • Book your hot-seat and ask any questions you like for feedback from the finance manager and experienced peers.

    In-person retreat in Jamaica

    • Create a simplified business plan on the beach
    • Build your next 12 months budget
    • Accommodation, light food & refreshments included. (does not include flight or travel).  
  • How the Art of Finance Mastermind Works

    Phase 1: Financial Foundation (Throughout)

    Build a solid foundation in business financial literacy with our group mastermind sessions

    Phase 2: Build Your Business Budget & Find Your Flow (Months 4-6)

    Assess your current financial status.

    Create a detailed and realistic Roadmap (budget) and cash forecast to guide your financial planning.

    Phase 3: Monitoring and Adjusting (Months 7-9)

    Monitor your budget performance regularly and make adjustments to stay on track with your plan.

    Phase 4: Financial Growth and Sustainability (Months 10-12)

    Plan for sustainable growth and build financial resilience.

  • What Our Clients Say

    Before I started working with Ally on my Financial Roadmap (budget), I was hesitant because I already had a bookkeeper and accountant on my team. However, after my initial chat with Ally, I found that she didn't use too much jargon and made it all really easy for me to understand my business numbers.


    The feature that I loved most about the program was that I became crystal clear (well almost) about what my financial statements actually meant and Ally found some errors in my accounts that I was not aware of. Together, we quickly got my accounting system up to date and sorted and I also had a set of forecasts so that I could secure much needed additional funding. I can now track my progress and grow my company with greater confidence. By the way, I increased by income by 95% and reduced my business expenditure by 25% so far since starting our financial strategy sessions.


    I certainly would recommend the .... program to anyone that is scared stiff about financials, doesn't understand their accounts and doesn't know what questions to ask their bookkeeper/accountant.


    I now have Ally as my monthly finance coach which has been invaluable because I get to sit down with her every month. She prepares my management reports and talks me through my statements as well as being a sounding board for my non-financial business issues and ideas.


    Alex Palma

    Kina Events, London

  • Your Investment in Financial Success

  •  Ally O'Meally-Watson


    The founder and managing director of Business Bright, Ally O'Meally-Watson is a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA). She has over 30 years of accountancy experience within the UK working with creative companies and non profits such as award-winning, Blackburn's Design Consultants (London), Amani Jones Limited - Handbag Designers, Clean Break Theatre Company, The Welsh National Opera, Cinetig films and more.


    Ally is also a director and chair of Winding Snake Productions. She recently started working with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean as a finance coach.

    Our mission is to provide ambitious, purpose driven creative business owners and non-profits with the support needed help them understand and evaluate their finances and improve cash flow in their business.





    Cheers to your Success!

    From Business Bright.


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    per month

    • Fun and engaging Quarterly Bookkeeping Party
    • Catch up with your bookkeeeping in a fun way with your creative peers.
    • Live face to face sessions also virtually online.
    • Complimentary drinks & chat afterwards.
    • Complimentary resource pack including templates and checklists
    • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and networking


    For the Love of Art


    Be Your Own Finance Director

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    per month

    • Mastermind with monthly meetings with just two to ten of your creative peers.
    • In-depth financial strategy sessions and workshops
    • Accountability partner system to ensure progress
    • Access to a library of recorded sessions and exclusive materials
    • Discounted 1-on-1 consultation rates (50% off regular price)


    Let us be your Creative Finance Director

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    From £199

    per month

    • Silver package PLUS:
    • Personalized financial analysis and strategic planning
    • Custom financial reports tailored to your business
    • Priority email support for urgent financial queries
    • Complimentary access to all Mastermind Group materials and sessions
    • Retreat in Jamaica


  • Program Highlights

    • Bronze Level: Engage in fun, collaborative quarterly bookkeeping sessions with other creatives at an affordable rate.
    • Silver Level: Benefit from structured, strategic financial planning and a supportive mastermind community.
    • Gold Level: Receive personalized, high-level CFO guidance to drive your business forward.
    • Bonus: Annual Planning retreat in Jamaica (Includes workshops, beach visits, accommodation and light food & refreshements- flights and travel are not included)
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